Donuts and Gunpowder


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How far will YOU go to show how much you love a Bish?

Okay, this is the section where you (Yes you!) can help me out.

Do you have a funny story about how you went to the limits to show your love for your favorite Bishounen? (Hmm..possibly Vash?) Something completely ridiculous? It can be any Bishounen, and try to limit the stories to a PG-13 rating (Well...maybe not 0_o) But just E-Mail me your funny story and I'll post it up right away on my next update...usually Mondays. And to get this section started off, I posted one of mine from a long time ago for the love of one of my other favortie Bish, Brock from Pokemon!!! ^_^

I Luv 'im!

Okay, this took place in the August of 1999. It was about 1:30 in the morning at my Mother's house and I couldn't sleep. I wandered the halls aimlessly looking for some thing to occupie myself with. And then I stumbled upon my younger brother asleep on the couch out cold after taking NiQuil. So I thought to myself, <I wonder how Brock's hair would look on a boy in real life?> So alas, I took that comb on colour and freeze hold gel and spiked my brother's hair just like Brock's!...the funny thing is...he knew why I had done it when he woke up!^_^ -Kakeru